Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Train Your Brain

In Chinese Medicine, the brain and all logic and memory function arise from the Kidneys which create the marrow that fills the brain. It is a way of looking at mental functions as being closely related to the vigor of the constitution, the hormone system and the blood. As we age, these things tend to decline along with the Kidney essence.

Acupuncture uses herbs (Kidney tonics like He Shou Wu and Shu Di Huang) and treatment points (like Small Intestine 7 and Kidney 3) to fortify the Kidneys, along with recommending regular moderate exercise to keep the whole body, as well as the Kidneys and brain, healthy.

Along with exercising the body, it is important to exercise your brain to maintain skills – particularly memory and cognitive functions. Here is website tip for keeping your skills sharp:

Signing up is free and provides basic access to their games targeting five cognitive functions. They track your scores and progress. I’ve tried the free version of this website, and found it very simple – to start. It progresses quickly to more difficult exercises. The games are designed much like video games, with overly simplistic graphics, but they definitely challenge association and word skills. It also has options for things like “challenging a friend” and competing online. It is definitely worth trying for anyone who is concerned about losing mental functions with aging.

Byron Russell

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